WASABI SUSHI & GRILL is a unique establishment boasting a wide selection of menu items that are bound to satisfy any palate.

Wasabi’s first attraction is it’s SIGNATURE SUSHI which has been pioneered by US. Our SIGNATURE

SUSHI relies on taboo sushi ingredients such as; biscuit crumbs, cranberry sauce, balsamic reduction, biltong and both Springbok and Langoustine carpaccio and so many more ingredients to compliment our unique and fusion flavours.

Our seafood and meat options quickly reached the WASABI standard by interacting with our sister restaurant’s cuisine; VILLA BIANCA RESTAURANT which has been an institution in Johannesburg since 1991.

We are also proud to have partnered up with internationally renowned fishing company PRISTINE SEAFOODS who operates in the sea of Mozambique. ALL of PRISTINE’S seafood namely; Big eye tune, Swordfish, LM Prawns and LM Langoustines are exported at a premium price amongst the worlds Michelin star restaurants. We at Wasabi are in turn very fortunate to have partnered with such a company where we are able to bring such freshness and quality to our stores.

WASABI is run by professional staff who’s #1 concern is customer satisfaction. We have great PASSION in what we do and we wouldn’t be doing anything else.

We look forward to seeing you soon in one of our stores and hope we grow together as we as a company cannot grow without the support of our customers.

Thank you & Regards

Arthur, Gavin, George

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